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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Grant Thornton to Issue Claims Cheques Directly

For future reference all payments will be issued by cheque direct from Grant Thornton and sent to the registered address of the claim victim.

 Marcus has been made aware of all the problems that victims have had in receiving payments from ItalBank and in light of all the complaints has decided to sever Grant Thornton’s original arrangement to have payments sent through ItalBank.

 The initial concept was because of the problems experienced mainly by the Latin American victims who were not receiving payments coming from Gilardi on behalf of the payment schedules from Ralf Janvey.

 It was thought that working with ItalBank (a Latin American Based Bank) and allowing the Latin American victims to be able to open accounts for their payments would help address and solve the problem. Unfortunately this was not the case and ItalBank seemed to have created more problems than they solved.

 Marcus Wide has asked that any victim that has experienced difficulty in receiving their payments should make Grant Thorton aware of their problems and Grant Thornton will check the claims and where payment has not been received, they will remedy this oversight.

 Please do not waste time and money by making spurious claims that have already been paid, but genuine oversights by ItalBank will be addressed and oversights rectified.

 Marcus Wide has made his personal email address available so that he can monitor and have knowledge of the problems.

 All outstanding – unpaid – claims should be sent to either or

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