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Friday, October 10, 2014

Stanford Promises to Prove his Innocence and Repay Victims

To the Stanford International Bank depositors, and clients of the global Stanford Financial Group 

 As this is the first statement from me since the February 17, 2009 destruction of the global Stanford companies, and my imprisonment for allegedly operating a fraud that has been referred to as a "Ponzi scheme", I want to be direct, clear and emphatic. The actions taken by the U.S. government against me and my companies and that resulted in such harm to so many of you, was baseless, opportunistically contrived and, most importantly, unlawful. To many of you, and especially those of you who believe in and trust the accuracy and veracity of the American media machine, for now I will simply advise you of the series of legal actions taken by me in recent months and ask that you look at them on line, read them carefully and then follow their progress through the American legal system. In the coming days and weeks, as these legal initiatives make their way through the courts I will be posting a daily message on this site to keep informed those of you who have been harmed. 

Meanwhile, I want all of you to know, the many of you around the world who entrusted me and my companies with your investment monies, that it is my intent, and in fact my mission in this life, to restore my good reputation as an honest man, and to personally repay each and every one of you... in full ...each and every dollar that was so wrongfully taken from you by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The manner in which I intend to achieve this will be made clear in the coming weeks. 

Thank you,

 R. Allen Stanford

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  1. Fooled once sham on him, fooled twice sham on me

  2. Double shame if you don't start reading some of those motions; both Stanford's and the government's answers. A lot of other victims have. If you will notice, the government hasn't requested an increase in their word count for their brief to answer Stanford in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. They cannot possibly answer Stanford's appeal with numerous Constitutional violations and reversible errors all in just under 30,000 words...with their allotted 16,000 words. They don't intend to answer. This will have international repercussions and they can't allow that. They are NOT spending these 60 days writing a brief.