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Las víctimas olvidadas de Stanford, ahora disponible en español en:

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sale of Guiana Island

We have been reliably informed that the amount agreed for the sale of Guiana Island by Grant Thornton is $60 million. This is the gross price before commissions, legal costs, development tax, appreciation tax, non- resident transfer tax, and mortgage discharge. 

Grant Thornton have applied for relief from the taxes.

In 2008 Allen Stanford bought the 1,500-acre Guiana Island, off Antigua’s coast, for a reported US$22-million (Ref National Post July 27th 2012).

Guiana island was part of a parcel of lands that Stanford brought for a reported $63.5 million, the value of the land purchase was later artificially inflated to $3.1 billion to boost the bank's revenues and hide financial losses.

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