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Friday, February 14, 2014

Update Regarding Kachroo Actions against SEC

I have been receiving numerous requests to find out what is happening with the Case Gaytri Kachroo is taking against the US Government/SEC. Although many of you have criticised the fact that I am no longer as active with the Stanford Affair as I used to be, I have listened to all the negative comments being made about Gaytri and I would like to try and bring you all a little more up-to-date with what has been happening.

 I am attaching a list of all the work (please go to the forum to read it at: ) that her firm of lawyers have been doing over the last couple of years since we first made contact and so many people asked her to represent us. Despite all the negative and malicious comments that have been made you will see from my attachments that she has been far from idle and has been working constantly trying to make a positive and successful case on our behalf. I would also like to point out that she has not repeatedly come back asking for more money –despite the fact that our original fees were used up in the first few months of work – she has subsidised this case and has as much to lose as we her clients. She is still working very hard for you all and IF she does not share everything and make her work as public as you would like, the reason is that this is a lawsuit. It would be crazy for her to publish every move she is going to make and let the “enemy” know what her moves are and what her arguments are before they are presented to a court of Law.

 I will say that when the time is right her latest application to dismiss the appeal from the SEC will be posted for you all to read. I have read it and it is quite brilliant. That said she is trying to take on the US government and her case is being heard by the Judiciary of the US Government, who are all aware that if we manage to win this case it will open the floodgates for hundreds of other lawsuits against the US which would cost them Billions of dollars. She is trying to set a precedence in law, a daunting task for anyone. But, her arguments are sound and strong and I still have great faith in her and what she is doing and trying to accomplish. Please remember that she has as much to gain or lose as the rest of us with this case as she has subsidised it to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars of her own money and if she loses this she loses all the that she has personally invested.

 With regard to those out there that make comments suggesting that I am in some way being paid by Kachroo legal for the information I share with you all, your suggestions are so puerile and pathetic that I will not dignify them with any other response other than to say “I WISH I WAS GETTING PAID BY GAYTRI” - or Grant Thornton for that matter and NO I am not getting any secret money from anyone and I have not been given any secret property on Antigua by anyone…again “I WISH”. I still work quietly behind the scenes trying to help those victims that have become true friends. The reason I appear to be no longer as active as I used to be is because of poisonous people that make these insulting comments and slanderous, pathetic remarks. You are not worth my time or energy so I simply ignore you, but unfortunately this has led to other victims not receiving as much information as they once did and to those victims I apologise for my lack of activity on the blogs and forums but this situation was not of my making.

 Please go to the forum at:

And read for yourself about all the work that has been carried out on your behalf by Gaytri

 My best wishes to the decent intelligent victims reading this, to the other idiots that constantly snipe and critique, all I can say is your poison will work against you in the end.

 Regards, Kate

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