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Monday, October 28, 2013

Stanford Financial Group Receivership Update

The four schedules filed by the Receiver address total distributions of approximately $12.59 million of the $55 million that has been authorized for distribution by the Court. For Stanford Investors who have not yet received an initial distribution, there are a number of reasons why that may have occurred, including the following:

 •Investor may not have filed a claim with the Receiver’s claim process before the Bar Date fixed by the Court.
•The Investor may not have responded to a request for additional information from the Receiver’s claim processing agent, Gilardi & Co.
 •The Investor may have objected to the Receiver’s Notice of Determination with respect to the Investor’s claim.
•The Investor may not have completed and returned the Receiver’s Certification Form.*
•The Investor’s distribution check may simply be in process, such that it will be listed on subsequent schedules to be filed by the Receiver.

 The Receiver is continuing to process Notices of Determination, objections to Notices of Determination, and Claim Certifications. Additional payment schedules will be prepared and filed on a rolling basis. It is the Receiver’s expectation that additional payment schedules will be prepared and filed every few weeks (provided that there are sufficient claims being processed to justify that pace).

 *The Receiver advises that a significant number of Investors who filed claims and received Notices of Determination have not yet returned completed Certification Forms. Completed Certification Forms must be received before distribution checks are issued.

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