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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Provisional Liquidators Appointed to Stanford Development Company (“SDC”)

Marcus Wide of Grant Thornton (British Virgin Islands) Limited and Hordley Forbes of Forbes and Associates (Antigua) were appointed as the new Joint Provisional Liquidators of SDC by The Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, High Court of Justice, Antigua and Barbuda as of April 17, 2013.

With extensive years of combined experience, Wide and Forbes provisional joint appointment represents an important step in the management of SDC in and efficient and effective manner and in the recovery of money for the creditor-victims and the employees and other stakeholders. An urgent component of this liquidation are the past due wages that may be due and ordering the books. Accordingly, the newly appointed Joint Provisional Liquidators’ first call to action is to organize and clarify the past due wages and arrange for prompt payment. We ask the SDC employees and the creditor-victims for patience through the transition as the proper amounts owed are determined and the terms of the appointment order is implemented. The Joint Provisional Liquidators are committed to bringing a prompt resolution to this matter in the most efficient and beneficial manner for the interests of the pertinent stakeholders, including the SDC employees.

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