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Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Forum Announcement for Stanford International Victims Group

Stanford International Victims Group are pleased to announce the creation of a new forum which can be found at:


  1. Is this intended to be a replacement for the old forum or an additional source of information?

  2. No this is not intended as a replacement for the existing forum, the two will co-exist and compliment each other.

    The Raison d'être for the creation of this new forum for Stanford International Victims Group (SIVG) is due to the number of complaints we received regarding the behaviour of certain members on the old forum. While we encourage open debate and information exchange verbally abusing members who do not agree with your views is not necessary or acceptable.

    This new forum is open to all to post their views and any information they may have, that said we will not tolerate verbal abuse or attacks on the character of any member of the new forum.

    Hopefully this will allow those who have not posted for fear of unwarranted attacks for their views to do so.

    Thank you for your question, and please feel free to join the new (SIVG)forum and add any comments or views you may wish to express regarding the Stanford case.