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Monday, September 3, 2012

IRS Hit Stanford Estate for $432 million

The Internal Revenue Service filed a "notice of claim" yesterday with the US District Court advising the Court that it is IRS's view that Allen Stanford is indebted to the United States for approximately $432 million in personal tax liability. The IRS intervened in the SEC's lawsuit against Allen Stanford three years ago and asserted the existence of a claim against Allen and Susan Stanford, which at that time was for approximately $226 million in personal tax liability. The U.S. District Court permitted the intervention and retained the authority to adjudicate all aspects of the IRS claim.
SIVG has been warning victims for years about the IRS having a claim against the Stanford estate, now we see our claims are all true.
Time is running out we have only two days before the JL's Grant-Thornton neet with the DoJ in Washington. Please write to the DOJ and tell them you want the money to go to Grant Thornton now before its to late!.
I want to see some sort of interim payout before the end of this year......if you want the same it is your duty to make the DOJ aware of how you feel.
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  1. All the victims I know and speak to want the money to go to Grant Thornton, they are the only ones with the experience to handle this type of International liquidation.

    I just don't understand how; when so many victims have made it clear they have lost faith with the committee appointed by judge Godbey and the US receiver they continue to ignore the victims wishes.

    I fear this meeting will be a waste of time and the US committee and Janvey will carry on regardless of our wishes, but I would like to wish Grant Thornton the best of luck.

    If we had Grant Thornton from day 1 instead of the US receiver we wouldn't be in the position we find ourselves now. 3 1/2 years and not a single cent returned to the victims.