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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grant Thornton Response to Angela Shaw's Questions

Grant Thornton Response to Angela Shaw's Questions


  1. I Love Grant Thornton's summing up of Shaw's questions.

    It is unfortunate that much of this misinformation continues to be promulgated, apparently with the support of some members of the Receiver's OSIC, and it is unfortunate that any cost had to be incurred to protect the integrity of our process.

    As a final comment I have to say that the combative tone and nature of your 24 questions go beyond a well-intentioned enquiry to obtain helpful information. It does embody some of the ill will which has been a feature of our dealings in the US and which seems more directed to protecting turf and fees rather than furthering the interests of the depositors. It is reasonably clear that this letter is not exclusively your own but that it was drafted for you in part by at least one lawyer within the OSIC.

    The Joint Liquidators have opened lines of direct communication with the depositor body through our independent Creditors' Committee, Webinars, website write-in facility, and communications directly with the bloggers. There are large segments of the creditor body who do not share your views. The continual dissemination of misinformation does nothing but demean the winding-up process, interfere with the prospects of co-operation, and generate costs and undermine what credibility you bring to the discussion.

  2. I think it is "funny" how now Angela Shaw is interested to hear what the receiver in Antigua is doing. Whatever happened to the whole "we are here to represent ALL the victims" to only then go and say "We only represent the US victims". Shame on you Mrs. Shaw.

  3. Someone should put together 24 questions that the victims want answered by Janvey and the American Committee about their conduct, fees, contingency fees, commission, lack of information, lack of information sharing, preferential and blatant action taken on behalf of ONLY American Victims, Shaw’s statement that she is only representing Americans, the list goes on and on.
    Oh, just a minute, didn't a group of victims send all those questions to Shaw, Janvey and the Committee last year???!!! I think they did, but as usual the letter was ignored, the questions not answered and they did not even have the courtesy to send an acknowledgement.
    Whatever credibility Angela Shaw once had has long gone and the victims now see her as untrustworthy, untruthful, and underhand. Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive!!