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Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Allen Stanford Story Doesn't End With The Guilty Verdict

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Prominent local attorney, Lee Davis, offered several interesting comments on the Allen Stanford trial and the recent "guilty" verdicts handed down on 13 of 14 charges of criminal conduct. This sordid story does not end with these verdicts, not hardly.

A mere piker compared to Madoff,s roughly $68 billion Ponzi scheme, Stanford and his cronies fleeced investors around the globe for approximately $7 billion.

But far more damage lies beneath the surface of this oil spill of greed and avarice. Where were the federal regulators? Missing in action? Where were the Antiguan authorites? Bought and sold? Numerous complaints and reports given to various federal agencies, the SEC, FINRA and NASD, fell upon blind eyes and deaf ears. In fact, one of FINRA's district directors, Bernerd Young, became managing director of Compliance for the Stanford firm. Leroy King, former director of Antigua's Financial Regulatory Commission, stands indicted on many related charges, but has yet to be extradited.

Many doubt that Baldwin Spencer, Antigua's Prime Minister, will sign the extradition order. His vocal pledges of cooperation are at odds with his inability to act on the matter. As with the Madoff aftermath, various federal agencies are feuding and finger pointing, the victims are struggling to recover lost funds and wondering who, if anyone, cares about their rights and losses. This ain't cricket.

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