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Friday, June 17, 2011

All International Victims need to read this and comment!!

I have attached a link that all International victims should go to and add a comment. You will see that there are comments from some victims lucky enough to be eligible for SIPC.

This site is being read by Congressman Culbertson and we can use the comment space to make him aware of what the cost of SIPC will be to all the International Victims. We now have to start our own campaign to make sure the coverage of SIPC is extended to include each and every one of us because WE are going to be the ones repaying SIPC for every investor they give money to. I have already heard rumours that SIPC are looking at the assets in Antigua, Switzerland and the UK. This is our money and it is all we have (Janvey has next to nothing). If SIPC are targeting ALL the assets, then they have to pay ALL of the victims.

WE have a new battle on our hands and we need to start making a noise and making sure that not just Congressman Culbertson but all the newspapers are told the true cost of this proposal to the majority of victims.

Here is the link, please go it it and start posting comments:

1 comment:

  1. I have added a post, but reading the comments posted by the Americans it seems they are oblivious to the fact they will be paid by taking money from the remaining majority of victims.

    It appears the SVC ran a very successfull PR campaign of misinformation or at the very least did not reveal that SIPC would not benefit all victims, only a minority comprising of Americans and a few others.

    The real kick in the teeth is that the committee that was supposed to represent all victims used money that belonged to all victims to obtain SIPC cover for a minority.

    The money used to pay for flights, hotels and lobbying senators and congress for SIPC came from funds belonging to all victims.

    Keep up the good work Kate. It's good to know there is somebody out there fighting for all victims.