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Friday, February 25, 2011

I Obtained an Update from Vantis

I called into the SIB building yesterday and spoke to Sara Cook from Vantis to try and find out what was going on and when we can expect some sort of solution regarding the receivership on Antigua. It would appear that there is no final decision or court date in sight to settle this matter and she says they will keep appealing to any court decision that tries to oust them from their position as receivers.

I also asked about the properties on the island and why Andrea Stolker (Stanford Fiancee') was being allowed to open properties that clearly were paid for with SIB money and she said the Stolker has power of Attorney from Stanford and they have been unable to prove that the properties I was revering to (The Sticky Wicket, Pavilion Restaurant, Stanford Boathouse and the Athletics Club) came from SIB. They say they do not have the money trail to be able to prove in court that Victims money was used for the purchase of these properties. It would appear that Janvey has the proof they need and he will not give the info to them. Anyway, I have pasted a copy of her email below.

Dear Wendyanne,

Further to our recent discussion I can confirm that we can only provide you details of properties owned by SIB, we do not know 100% who owns the other properties are we are not appointed over the other companies. However from what enquiries we have undertaken we believe that the Stanford properties not owned by SIB are owned by Stanford Development Company Ltd (“SDC”).

We currently cannot go to court in Antigua as we do not have the records to support a claim that SIB ultimately funded the purchase of the properties not owned by SIB. I note your point regarding the Van Tassel report however this would not be sufficient evidence on its own to support a claim through the Antiguan courts.

Once a co operation agreement with the U.S Receiver is ratified by both courts we can ask for further information on funds flow to pursue other property on the Island.

This agreement cannot be ratified by the courts until the removal application has been dealt with.

The properties owned by SIB which we are seeking potential purchasers are as follow:

The Building occupied by ECAB at Coolidge
Pelican Island
Guaina Island and surrounding land
Two small plots of land at Coolidge
Athletic Club

I hope this offers you some clarity in respect of the current position.

Kind regards


For and on behalf of the Joint Liquidators

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