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Las víctimas olvidadas de Stanford, ahora disponible en español en:

Saturday, January 15, 2011


In the last few weeks since we commenced this campaign to raise awareness amongst Stanford investors that they have a real possibility of full recovery of their losses by submitting administrative claims against under the FTCA against the US government Securities and Exchange Commission, we have experienced an unprecedented level of anonymous internet attacks; against this blog; some of the team who have worked tirelessly and without remuneration to pull this together; and against the attorney we have hired; including the leaking of private correspondence with officials in positions of authority.

It is clear there are certain individuals, groups, assemblies, and agencies that have a vested interest in trying to derail this campaign, but despite this we remain undeterred.

For any Stanford investors who are not yet aware of this option for full recovery of their losses; under the Federal Tort Claims Act, investors who suffered losses in the failed Stanford International Bank, a part of the Stanford Financial Group, can lodge administrative claims against the Securities and Exchange Commission for their negligence in failing to act sooner, despite knowing for 13 years Allen Stanford was likely a fraud. Allen Stanford is currently in detention in Houston awaiting trial on 23 counts of fraud.

The deadline for claims to be submitted is approaching fast. Unless all claims are submitted correctly and timely before the Statute of Limitations expires on February 16th 2011, Stanford investors will be barred from any recovery against the US government, forever.

Time is of the essence. Please contact your attorney without delay, or the attorney hired by the Stanford international investors: Kachroo Legal Services of Cambridge, Mass. who are experienced in submitting FTCA claims, having already done so for many Madoff investors. Email: info

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