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Friday, January 7, 2011

Statement from Dr Kachroo

January 6, 2010

Dear Stanford Investors:

I was contacted in early December by several different Stanford investor group leaders interested in hiring me and my firm’s services in support of a class action law suit against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) based upon media publicity generated by Kachroo Legal Services’ (KLS) initiation of a lawsuit against the SEC in the Madoff case.

One of these group leaders is Ms. Angela Kogutt (Aka Angela Shaw). I was called by Ms. Kogutt on my time and at my expense to visit and inform the Investors Committee of my background and the Madoff litigation due to their ostensible interest in using KLS to launch a lawsuit against the SEC.

I flew to Dallas, met with the Investors Committee and provided my background and extensive litigation experience (of myself and my litigation team) to take on this challenge and to file administrative claims on behalf of eligible Stanford investors in this matter. I have also furnished the examiner with a short bio for the general perusal of Stanford investors to add to his list of attorneys representing and interested in the Stanford case and related potential litigation.

Thereafter, I learned of the interest of attorneys on the Investors Committee to research and potentially file such an action themselves. I have never solicited any attention, recommendation or endorsement from the Investors Committee or from any of the investor group leaders. I have been inundated, as has my office, with interest, inquiries and solicitations to hire KLS from Stanford investors, based on my credentials, qualifications and experience in the Madoff case.

With regard to the Stanford case against the SEC, I have repeatedly indicated that my law firm is in the process of researching an optimal theory for such a lawsuit, and I have taken appropriate steps to protect client investors’ rights by filing SEC claims before the upcoming deadline of February 16, 2011.

I strongly recommend that Stanford investors receive legal advice to complete the appropriate claim forms and do not complete these forms themselves. If forms are not validly completed, investor claimants may be ineligible to participate in any class or other litigation against the SEC. KLS is in the process of completing these forms for all investors who engage our services for such purpose explicitly.

I have also indicated to Ms. Shaw/Kogutt and others that I support SIPC recovery efforts on behalf of Stanford investors.

Dr. Gaytri Kachroo, Principal, Kachroo Legal Services, P.C. for further information

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  1. Dr Kachroo's Academic qualifications are quite outstanding.

    • S.J.D. Harvard Law School, Doctor of Juridical Science, 2002
    • LL.M. Harvard Law School, Master of Laws, 1995
    • LL.M. McGill University, Master of International Comparative Law, 1991
    • LL.B. University of Ottawa, Common Law, 1987
    • LL.L. University of Ottawa, License en Droit, 1986
    • B.A. Wellesley College, 1982