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Monday, January 10, 2011


It has been brought to my attention - again - that there are people (non professional people) who are using what has happened to us as an excuse to solicit money from the victims.

I would urge all members of this forum NOT to send money to people who profess to be helping you while begging for contributions from you, unless they are professionals (such as lawyers), doing a professional job.

There are several people who work non stop on trying to help each and every victim of the Stanford fraud on a daily basis. David Brent, Patron1, Was Cool Calm Investor, Wendyanne, plus several more that work behind the scenes, and we do it without asking or accepting a penny from any victim. Our costs are the use of a computer and perhaps a few phone calls - basically it costs us nothing. We get information out to as many victims as possible, offer help and advice, keep everyone informed via the forum and the blog, get publicity and news to as many people as possible, speak to reporters, write to MP's and Senators, write to the Committee and the lawyers and we have never asked - or would accept a cent from victims who have already lost so much.

Unfortunately this is not the case with everyone that professes to be "helping" the victims and certain people have and still are asking for contributions from you all. This has to stop. You, the victims have to ask yourself why they are asking for money and exactly what they are doing with your hard earned cash? It is disgraceful that some people see this tragedy as an opportunity to exploit and cash in on what has happened to us all.

I urge all of you to throw any letters or emails asking for money that you receive from anyone on the forum (or from anywhere else) in the trash. There is no need for you to pay people who are genuine in their desire to help and there is no need for you to be paying for someone to set up a home business living off of your donations while basically doing and achieving nothing. All those who have sent money in the past need to be asking the question "what has my money been spent on, what has this person done to help me, what has this person EVER achieved that has not been done for free through the forum and the blog?

I hope you will all listen to me. If the donations stop then these leeches will disappear and you will then know who is truly helping you and who is using you for their own personal gain.

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