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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kacheroo Letter to Colleagues

Dear Client/Affiliate/Friend of KLS:

I want to introduce Kachroo Legal Services (KLS) to you as we begin our journey of legal innovation. My legal practice has been steeped in international transactional work over the past decade of my 22 year legal career. Recently, I have received many requests from Madoff investors for legal counsel and to assist all innocent, victimized investors of the Madoff ponzi scheme as a result of my representation of my client, Harry Markopolos (often identified as the Madoff Whistleblower). Additionally, my appointment as Vice Chair of the Global Alliance on the Madoff case has allowed me to interact and deal with counsel all over the world on this case. Now, individuals and entities needing help with the identification of ethics violations or with the investigation and possible litigation of all kinds of financial fraud are seeking me out for advisory and counseling services.
My practice has always been about solving the most difficult and complex legal
situations for my clients, and doing so with an empathy and understanding that lends heart to the exercise and thereby to the solution. In this spirit, KLS will observe and assist others in observing ethical standards that may be beyond black letter law. I call this "representation with an ethic of care." KLS will recruit attorneys and staff to assist with our many litigation, transactional and government matters, who are willing to be trained in serving the client with that extra degree of empathy and understanding. We will reach beyond the ordinary boilerplate to discover and innovate solutions to "represent the client's interest" not merely to regurgitate the same language in contract and brief that has gone before. Although this means that KLS will be inventing new wheels where none exist, it does not mean that we are not aware of the wheels that exist and how to deploy them.
Please peruse and review our website thoroughly and feel free to contact us with
your questions and comments at the "contact us" page. If you are aware of and want our input, advice, counsel with regard to potential fraud of which you are aware, please complete the general fraud complaint registration form so that we can investigate briefly before getting back to you. If you are involved in any of the cases we have taken on, including the Madoff matter, please complete the specific registration form for your litigation and the general registration form. Please review the payment guide if you are using the registration portal. This may be done by a friend, relative, counsel for the investor. On the SEC litigation, there is a specific engagement letter in which a contingent fee is provided to be shared by KLS and all its affiliate firms conducting such SEC litigation.
As many of you know, I have simultaneously been working with academic, business, and law firm affiliates, including the Global Alliance on the Madoff case, on founding the International Center for Corporate and Financial Ethics and Responsibility. Watch for bulletins from the Center exhibited on our website for those that may want to get involved with the Center's educational mission for greater ethics and responsibility in the marketplace. Watch also for our upcoming blog on matters of general legal and specific Madoff interest.
We look forward to meeting and assisting you.


Best wishes, --Gaytri

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