Las víctimas olvidadas de Stanford ahora disponible en español

Las víctimas olvidadas de Stanford, ahora disponible en español en:

Monday, December 27, 2010

Barbados DLP and BLP must return proceeds of crime to Allen Stanford’s victims

Source:Barbados Free Press

Barbados politicians received Stanford money – stolen money.

The same anonymous insider who accurately tipped us off to the 3S scandal now reports that Allen Stanford gave political donations to both the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party.

Our source says that both US and UK Authorities contacted the current Government of Barbados about various Stanford financial transactions that occurred in or through Barbados. A small part of the information received, (almost as an afterthought, according to the source) contains details of Standford companies’ political donations and expenditures in Barbados.

With this in mind, the question must be asked:

“Considering that Stanford’s political donations are now known to be ‘Proceeds of Crime’, will the DLP and BLP politicians declare how much was received and return those funds to the victims of Stanford’s ponzi scheme?”

Prior to his arrest, Allen Stanford provided more than US$7 million dollars to US politicians alone. We know that because US politicians are required to declare their sources of funding.

Unlike the United States and many other countries, Barbados has no campaign financing rules, disclosure requirements or conflicts of interest laws for elected and appointed government officials. In Barbados “campaign donations” are just as likely to end up in the Prime Minister’s personal bank account, but as former PM Owen Arthur knows – even when caught it doesn’t matter because there is no law against it.

How much did Stanford provide to the Barbados Labour Party and Democratic Labour Party and associated individuals over the years?

Prime Minister Freundal Stuart and Opposition Leader Owen Arthur need to come clean with their fellow citizens and to return the stolen money to the victims.

Propaganda Continues at The Barbados Advocate

In the latest edition of the Barbados Advocate, Guyson Mayers states that Barbados was “spared” from Allen Stanford because our “relevant authority” was warned about him before any damage was done. Wishful thinking by Mr. Mayers or just part of the normal spin at the Barbados Advocate since that paper became the de facto political mouthpiece of the DLP government?

Considering that even the TD Bank saw US$2.1 billion of victims’ funds flow through its accounts and the lawsuits haven’t stopped coming, it’s a little early to be saying Barbados has been “spared”…

“…I can say that Sir Allan Stanford arrived in the Caribbean bearing gifts like Santa Clause out of season, and nearly everybody fell at his feet. To our credit, when it looked like he had an interest in Barbados, one of our principal officials at the time put the relevant authority on notice that such an interest was expressed and that the appropriate care should be taken to protect Barbados. We were spared him.”

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