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Friday, November 26, 2010

A Double Robbery Without Guns

Since I first posted the article FROM A NEWSPAPER entitled "A ROBBERY WITHOUT GUNS I have had a torrent of abusive emails from Angela Shaw to such a degree that I told her not to email me any more and blocked her from my email system.

It would seem that telling her I wanted nothing to do with her and would not reply to her abuse was not enough for Ms Shaw and today I noticed that she has started to post even more abuse, this time on Stanfords Forgotten Victims blog. I am not going to go down to her level and even bother to reply to her nasty comments and have removed her posting, and I will continue to remove any more postings she puts on there. I would like to apologize to all readers of the blog for this persons behaviour and for trying to spoil what has been a source of information to Stanford victims. It would appear that Ms Shaw has some kind of fixation with me and seems to hold me personally responsible for the bad light others see her in. The blog will continue and I will continue to print any and all articles I find that are of any interest to the Stanford Victims, whether they say complimentary things about Ms Shaw or not. If any readers find a posting on the blog from her, please let me know so that I can remove it. Many thanks.

Below is the article taken from a newspaper.

Things have not gotten any better lately for the majority of investors in the failed Stanford Bank, at least not for those who are not US citizens, who are by far the majority.

First the Antiguan receivers managed to get themselves fired, and have not yet been replaced. Then the US Receiver dodged a motion for bankruptcy, which would not only have significantly curtailed his billing, but would have greatly expedited payments to the victims.

Instead, the Judge who appointed him established an investors committee, ostensibly so the victims of the fraud could be represented in the receivership.

Regrettably, the Examiner who chairs the committee allowed it to get hijacked by the lawyers acting on the class-actions, and a couple of American investors, fronting the Stanford Victims Coalition (SVC), claiming to represent all the victims, but whose sole stated intent (now they are appointed) is to gain SIPC coverage for a minority of mainly US citizens.

Once the remaining investors started to raise questions, and began to realise that any SIPC pay-out could well be at their expense, they were ceremonially dumped, and branded anarchists or radicals.

The leader of the SVC now states that she is only representing the Americans and is going out of her way to thwart any attempts by the international investors to gain any information, and is also trying to close down the Stanford Victims forum which is used by the international investors to share news and comments.

A double whammy for the international investors; first, the failure of the SEC in America to act, knowing for 13 years Stanford was likely a Ponzi Scheme; the reason they gave for not acting was because they simply did not think there were any US investors.

Then, the International Investors were abandoned by the very people (SVC) who asked them to help fight for justice, just as soon as they could see a way to their own personal recovery. The SVC know that if they are successful in getting SIPC cover, all the receivership assets may be claimed to subsidise their pay-out and this would leave the majority of International Investors with nothing!!

Only in the United States of America could this be allowed to happen... robbed once by Stanford and then robbed again by the very people (the SVC) who misled so many into believing they were working to help them.

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