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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tensions at Stanford

Battle lines have been drawn as the key figures within the remaining Stanford companies are in a leadership tussle.

Caribarena had earlier reported that the fiancé of R Allen Stanford, Andrea Stoelker, and Barbara Streete were seeking to be appointed directors of the companies.

But their plan reached no further than the registrar at the High Court, as Stoelker was unable to produce an alien landholder’s license.

Reports are that the court is now expected to hear a matter on Monday involving Head of the Stanford Development Company (SDC) Arlene Winter and Streete, who is the operations manager of two Stanford companies, the Sticky Wicket and the Athletic Club.

It appears that Streete is seeking to gain access to the Stanford desalination plant to use the facility in negotiations with the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA).

The state-owned utility company on Tuesday disconnected all its services to a number of the Stanford companies, including those being managed by Streete.

The companies' position would be strengthened by the current drought situation, since APUA recently reported that most of its surface water supplies have dried up.

Streete reportedly wants access to the plant to sell APUA water, the proceeds from which would be split evenly between the company and offsetting the outstanding utility bills.

But Streete is unable to proceed, since the plant is under the control of the Stanford Development Company, headed by Winter.

According to well-placed sources, Streete and the company’s lawyer, Hugh Marshall Jr, met with General Manager of APUA Elsworth Martin on Wednesday.

The company asked the APUA official for a temporary reconnection until the completion of the court matter. The management of APUA was supposed to get back to them in an hour, but it is unclear whether the utility company responded.

The companies were still in darkness up to Wednesday night, as electricity had not been restored. Water is not an issue, as a huge cistern provides a regular and reliable

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